U8 double champions from ШШК-Челны. Again!!

Worldwide U8 Group A – July 16, 2020

When players from ШШК-Челны (Chelny, Russia) come into play, there is no doubt result will be excellent – another double triumph for Chelny, winning Worldwide U8 Eastern Division and Group A.

In Eastern Division, teams from Russia, India and Sri Lanka competed, with ШШК-Челны (Chelny, Russia) winning again with great advantage. Школа МГ Кирякова (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) took second place. Third place went to ChessNut Academy, new team from Solapur, India.

Closest to Chelny in Group A were players from Derzhava Chess Club (Russia) and Paraguay Juvenil. Then follow R.G.Nezhmetdinov chess club, Arriba PERÚ, Zheleznogorsk Chess Club, “Бриллиант” (г.Кострома) and Chess Club G-2.

Group B saw many new teams, ensuring bright future for this competition. Winners are Chess_Profi (St. Petersburg, Russia), who are to be promoted in Group A for next event, together with second placed new team: Шахматная Школа “Наставник” (Rostov-on-Don, Russia).

América Division featured teams from Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica, Chile, Argentina and Cuba. Cuba Masters won, leaving Ajedrez en Perú on second and Veracruz Mexico on third place.

11 pm CET6.30 pm CET2.30 pm CET
U8 AméricaU8 Group AU8 Eastern
U8 Group B

Next team tournament will be played on July 30. Meantime, kids can have fun playing in Arena tournaments next week – links

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