Worldwide Girls WU14 -Germany enters and wins!!

Worldwide Girls WU14 Group A – July 16, 2020

Girls from Germany made their first appearance in Worldwide Girls WU14 and it was awesome: GER_U14w team entered competition in elite Group A and won in style! From beginning till very end, girls from Germany never allowed their opponents chance for taking first place – impressive performance indeed. With 29 players team was very numerous, produced many high scorers taking leader positions and adding to team score. Second place took Paraguay Juvenil, and third place Mexico Jovenes Promesas.

Rest of field in Group A had very close fight: Chess-Ecuador, FVA U14 FEMALE (Venezuela), Brazilian Young Chess Team, ChessQueensNL (Netherlands), Chess Club G-2 (Russia) and Cuba Masters. This time Cuban girls were too few to bring significant result.

Main competition was in central Groups A and B, meeting point of teams from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. As mentioned, Germany is winner of top division. In Group B England Juniors Under 14 Girls won in similar fashion – very convincing (they brought 39 girls to play!) – and deserved to be promoted in Group A for next event. Together with England, promotion is awaiting SA U14 girls (South Africa), another numerous team who took second place. Third place went to FAOGBA Argentina WSub 14.

In Eastern Division win went to girls from Шахматный клуб “Королевская пешка” (г.Магнитогорск)_V, Magnitogorsk (Russia). Second place took Success Chess Academy U14 Girls team from Sri Lanka, and third place went to Lipetsk Chess Club (Russia).

In América Division ten teams competed, coming from Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica, Venezuela and Cuba. New winner is Liga Cuauhtemoc Mexico-City U14 – congratulations!! Second place went to Mexico Jovenes Promesas and third to Arriba PERÚ.

With England and South Africa coming to Group A for next event, competition is bound to be very exciting. And new teams are on horizon… Next team tournament will be played on July 30. Meantime, girls can have fun playing in Arena tournaments next week – links

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WU14 AméricaWU14 Group AWU14 Eastern
WU14 Group B

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