Veracruz México continues domination in Worldwide U11

Worldwide U11 Group A – July 29, 2020

Team Veracruz México U-11 was once again strongest team in Worldwide U11 Group A competition. This was third win in a row for young Mexican team. Second came Ajedrez en Peru Sub-11 and third place went to Chess-Ecuador. Behind them came Mexico Jovenes Promesas, ШШК-Челны (Russia), Cuba Masters, Chess Club G-2 (Russia), FVA U-11 Absolute (Venezuela), “Бриллиант” (г.Кострома) (Russia) and Chess Chile escolar U 11.

From this week, new division system for central groups was introduced. Groups A and B remain top competitions, with three team promotion/relegation. Lower groups are arranged as of equal level: C1, C2 and C3. Winners of each C group is promoted in Group B for next event, and every C group receives one relegated team from Group B.

In Group B, Шахматная Школа “Наставник” (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) won outright, followed by Africa Chess Future Club (U11 Team) and FAOGBA Argentina Sub 11. Those three teams deserved promotion in Group A for next event. In Groups C1, C2 and C3 winners are Paraguay Juvenil, LPS Satu Mare and Friends (Romania) and Brazilian Young Chess Team. We are looking forward to close struggle next week: lineups of top Groups A and B are getting filled with very strong teams…

In Eastern Division, teams from Russia, Belarus, India, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates competed in three divisions. ШШК-Челны (Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia) once again showed their supremacy in this competition. Second place went to Шахматный мир_Курск (Kursk, Russia) and third to Сборная Шахты (Shakhty, Russia). In Eastern B first three teams are Ученики И.Погорелова, Школа МГ Кирякова and Этюд, deserving right to be promoted in top Eastern A Division. New teams N. E. S CHESS WARRIORS and HomeOfChess Juniours Club were successful in their first appearance, and are promoted in Eastern B, together with Шахматный клуб “Королевская пешка” (г.Магнитогорск)_V. This competition brought significant number of teams from Far East, but it is time difference that keeps even more teams from entering. In future, one tournament group could be moved to earlier time: that way teams from East Asia and Australia could be included in Worldwide.

América Division continues to field teams with numerous and very motivated children. This time Chess-Ecuador won very convincingly, ahead of Ajedrez en PERU Sub-11 and Mexico Jovenes Promesas. Then follows Chess Chile escolar U 11, CUBA MASTERS, Liga Cuauhtemoc-Mexico City U-11, LEYENDAS DEL AJEDREZ U-11, ASEP_Chess Masters Team 1.

11 pm CET6.30 pm CET2.30 pm CET
U11 AméricaU11 Group AU11 Eastern A
U11 Group BU11 Eastern B
U11 Group C1U11 Eastern C
U11 Group C2
U11 Group C3

It is pleasant to see many new teams from Europe, Africa, Asia and America joining this week: Legacy Kids Philippines, N. E. S CHESS WARRIORS (Philippines), HomeOfChess Juniours Club (Dubai, UAE), Cairo chess academy (Egypt), Wolfpack Slovakia, Rustenburg Chess Club (South Africa), Botvinnik Chess (Russia), ASEP_Chess Masters Team 1 (USA). More will come for sure, recognising great opportunity this competition provides to all chess playing children. Today, 703 of them were playing online chess with friends from whole World.

Team Veracruz México U-11 – team captain FA Jeronimo Hernandez

SantiagoHuerta Lichtenberg de Mindszent
Diego AgustinGarcia Flores
Cesar GaelGarcía Rojas
José AngelAmbrosio Tlelo
MessiasRita Varilla
Kathya AnettePuig Nolasco
Jose IsaacReyes Rivera
Gael AlejandroOliva Baez
Miriam PamelaPulido Velasco
AlexisRamirez Garcia
Bryan AbimaelSalas carbajal
HeribertoPadilla Santiago
Julio AmirChavez Diaz
EdwinGarcía Rocero
Justin AvrillCazarin Anteli
Miguel AngelCarrillo Fonseca
Luis FernandoPuig Nolasco
Owen SalvadorPérez Blanco
Adyru NeizanCarballo Acevedo

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