Germany girls win WU14 – England and Paraguay tied for second place

GER_U14w won Worldwide Girls WU14 Group A, and behind them was real close fight. England Juniors Under 14 Girls and U14 FEM Paraguay collected same number of points on second place, and the rest of field being very close: ChessQueensNL and Brazilian Young Chess Team were within few points difference, capable of taking podium finish with just one or two more victories. Behind them were Chess-Ecuador, SA u14 girls, Mexico Jovenes Promesas, FVA U14 FEMALE and Chess Club G-2 (girls).

FAOGBA Argentina WSub 14 made very good performance, winning Group B and will be promoted in Group A.

In América Division ten teams competed, coming from Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica, Venezuela and Cuba. New winners are girls from Arriba PERÚ, followed by MORONA SANTIAGO AJEDREZ and Veracruz Mexico Women U-14.

Worldwide Girls WU14 Group A – July 30, 2020

Worldwide Girls WU14 Group B – July 30, 2020

Worldwide Girls WU14 América – July 30, 2020

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