Chess Ecuador Double U11 Champions

Worldwide U11 Group A – August 12th, 2020

New winners of Worldwide U11 top competition Group A are players of Chess-Ecuador. Numerous team from Ecuador was regularly on podium finish but this time finally managed to overcome all competition. But it is not all, they also won América Division, so are crowned as double Worldwide U11 Champions. Congratulations! Total number of participants this week was 810 children!!

Second came Шахматная Школа “Наставник” (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) and third Team Veracruz Mexico U-11. Then follow Ajedrez en Peru Sub-11, ШШК-Челны (Russia), Cuba Masters, Mexico Jovenes Promesas, Chess Club G-2 under 11 (Russia).

Brazilian Young Chess Team won Group B, and will be promoted in Group A for next event, together with FVA U-11 Absolute (Venezuela) and Botvinnik Chess (Russia).

In Groups C1, C2 and C3 winners are CHUBUT SUIZO (Argentina), AJEDREZ EDUCATIVO PRIMARIAS RIO NEGRO (Argentina) and СШ 2 Кстово (Russia). Those three teams will be promoted in Group B for next event.

In Eastern Division, win goes to ШШК-Челны (Russia). Second place is awarded to Ученики И.Погорелова (Ukraine) and third to Этюд (Russia).

– ChessNut Academy (Unofficial/Not verified)
1 ШШК-Челны 111
2 Ученики И.Погорелова 96
3 Этюд 94
4 Сборная Шахты 81
5 Lipetsk Chess Club 64
7 Уктусский гамбит 35

In Eastern B winners are N. E. S CHESS WARRIORS (Philippines), and are promoted in Eastern A for next event, together with Ekb_Intellect (Russia) and Ассоциация тренеров шахмат Ульяновской области (Russia). And we are happy to see new teams performing well: from Eastern C we get three teams promoted in B, and those are: Chess Shoots Juniors (India), SHARP KIDS ONLINE (Philippines) and Thoothukudi Chess Team (India).

As said, América Division is won by Chess-Ecuador, ahead of Ajedrez en PERU Sub-11 and Chess Chile escolar U 11. Then follow Mexico Jovenes Promesas, Cuba Masters, Liga Cuauhtemoc-Mexico City U-11, Leyendas Del Ajedres U-11, ASEP_Chess Masters Team 1, and Chaturanga Rojas (new team from Argentina).

Many new teams came to play this week: CHUBUT SUIZO (Argentina), Team Guyana (Guyana), AJEDREZ EDUCATIVO PRIMARIAS RIO NEGRO (Argentina), FEDERAÇÃO RONDONIENSE DE XADREZ (Brasil), СШ 2 Кстово (Russia), Club Ferlonichess (Paraguay), UEC CORONEL PRINGLES U11 (Argentina), Madagascar Online U11 (Madagascar) and SHARP KIDS ONLINE (Philippines).

U11 A
U11 B
U11 C1
U11 C2
U11 C3
U11 Eastern A
U11 Eastern B
U11 Eastern C
U11 América

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