U8 Eastern: first place for Etud Ekaterinburg

Worldwide U8 Eastern Division – August 13th 2020

Winners of Worldwide U8 Eastern Division held on August 13th are players of Этюд (Etud, Ekaterinburg, Russia). Several times Etud came close to winning or had podium finishes, but now they managed to secure win. Second placed are former champions of ШШК-Челны (Chelny, Russia) and third are players of R.G.Nezhmetdinov chess club (Russia). Behind them were Школа МГ Кирякова (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), Sharp Kids Online (Philippines) and RCG School Players Group C (Sri Lanka).

Этюд – Etud (CVR «Socium»), Ekaterinburg is chess club with rich history. This year the club is 32 years old, has brought up two grandmasters and a huge number of Champions of various levels.

In Worldwide Chess events they compete regularly in U8, U11 and U16 categories from early beginnings of this competition, being one of the most formidable and cooperative teams. Today we present August 13th winning team:

  • Gurianov Dmitry
  • Bubnov Maxim
  • Platonov Pavel
  • Tonkushin Dmitry
  • Karabaeva Ariana
  • Zabigulin Mihail
  • Ochagov Yury
  • Efremov Mihail
  • Muhamadeev Artur
  • Tomashevskaya Alexandra
  • Ponomarev Artem
  • Rudenko Lev
  • Bykov Alexander
  • Bubnova Alisa
  • Soloviov Semen
  • Dresvina Ekaterina
  • Captain – WFM Nikulina Alena

Worldwide U8 featured total of four divisions: read full report. Next event is scheduled on August 27th.

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