New triumph for Chess Profi in Worldwide U8

Worldwide U8 Group A – August 27, 2020

This time there was no doubt which team will emerge victorious: young champions of Chess Profi (St. Petersburg, Russia) took lead early on, and never let their competition come even close to winning. It was one of most convincing victories in Worldwide series.

  • Chess Profi U8 lineup (team leaders: Papayan Oleg and Chernyuk Mikhail)
  • Smirnov Georgiy
  • Visitov Deni
  • Rachikhin Roman
  • Tyurin Denis
  • Erdanov Timur
  • Kuznetsov Igor
  • Vegera Artem
  • Kuznetsov Andrey
  • Vavilov Artem
  • Schupanovskii Nikolay

Behind them, very close struggle for second place, between Arriba PERÚ, ШШК-Челны (Russia) and СШ 2 Кстово Under 8 (Russia), being only few points appart. Then follow Brazilian Young Chess Team, Paraguay Juvenil, Derzhava Chess Club (Russia), and Zheleznogorsk Chess Club (Russia).

Strong new team appeared in U8 Group B: Chess-Maroc_U08 (Morroco), securing first place and promotion in top competition. Notable success was made by Cuba Masters and Cairo chess academy (Egypt), teams to be promoted in higher rank. Мордовия-Мулловка (Russia), Chess Chile escolar, Schachfreunde Gern-Pasing (Germany), Chess Club G-2 (Russia), Team Guyana and Super under 8s (South Africa) comprised rest of field.

ШШК-Челны (Chelny, Russia) secured another win, but very close came ChessNut Academy (India) and Sharp Kids Online (Philippines) in just few points difference. Behind them was R.G.Nezhmetdinov chess club (Russia), RCG School Players Group C (Sri Lanka) and Школа МГ Кирякова (Krasnoyarsk, Russia).

In América Division Veracruz Mexico U-08 confirmed that they play best chess in U8 category at the moment, with only Arriba PERÚ providing serious competition this time. Then follow Cuba Masters, Chess-Ecuador, Chess Chile escolar U8, Morona Santiago Ajedrez, Mexico Jovenes Promesas and Liga Cuauhtemoc-Mexico City U08.

10th edition of Worldwide U8 team competition brought total of 228 players.

U8 A
U8 B
U8 Eastern
U8 América

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