Botvinnik Chess – Winners from Russia

Worldwide U11 Group A – August 26, 2020

Winners of Worldwide U11 top level Group A team tournament held on August 26th are players of Botvinnik Chess (Moscow, Russia). From first time they joined in Worldwide competition, they quickly managed to reach strongest division and to win on their first appearance in Group A. What is more impressive, they didn’t do it by fielding some big team or sheer numbers: they had small team, barely enough to fill leader positions. They did it with excellent players, each of them contributing supstantial amount of points to their team score… Impressive.

However, it was very close victory: former champions, Veracruz Mexico, finished only two points behind Botvinnik. Two teams chased each other for whole 90 minutes duration of this tournament, bringing one of closest fights ever. Third place took Chess-Ecuador. Then follow Brazilian Young Chess Team, ШШК-Челны, (Chelny, Russia), Ajedrez en PERU Sub-11, Mexico Jovenes Promesas, FVA U-11 Absolute (Venezuela). Full report.

Botvinnik Chess School, established in 1936, nowadays is a leading top chess school in Russia. The school was named after Mikhail Botvinnik, who was Soviet and Russian chess grandmaster and 6th World chess champion. Botvinnik chess school has brought up vast number of winners of World, Europe and National (Russian) level championships.

August 29, 2020 – Botvinnik Chess U11 lineup:

  • Zherdev Radomir
  • Lopatkin Egor
  • Emelyanov Evgeny
  • Blagoveschenskiy Roman
  • Filin Grigory
  • Chistova Ekaterina
  • Kuzminykh Mikhail
  • Pogodin Nikolay
  • Fedotkin Alexey

One thought on “Botvinnik Chess – Winners from Russia

  1. What a fantastic team! So young and talented boys and girl!
    Good luck, guys! I wish all of them to become grandmasters in the immediate future


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