Worldwide U12

Online competition and training ground for young champions!! Kids born in 2008 and younger are allowed. Time control is 10’+2”. Tournament duration is 90 minutes. Played on Wednesdays. Team tournaments are held every two weeks., and in between are individual Arena tournaments.

Featuring three divisions, to cover 14 time zones, tournaments are played at 12:00 GMT (Eastern Division), 16:00 GMT (Central Division) and 21:00 GMT (America Division). Worldwide U12 has vertical three teams promotion system: every week three best placed teams in group are promoted in higher group, and last three teams are relegated into lower group.

On Wednesday, September 9th 2020 will be first edition of Worldwide U12 competition, as a replacement for U11 category. All teams that played in Worldwide U11 are transfered into corresponding division of Worldwide U12 competition.

Worldwide Chess will have permanent U8, U12 and U16 categories, plus separate WU14 competition for girls.

Quick reference for tournament beginnings can be found on

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