Chess Profi one point ahead of Chelny

Worldwide U8 Group A – September 10, 2020

Chess Profi (St. Petersburg, Russia) won Group A competition, and this was their fourth win in a row. But this one was closest ever: “No Streaks” mode ensured team battles will be intense and with small differences between teams. ШШК-Челны (Chelny, Russia) ended only one point behind winners. СШ 2 Кстово (Kstovo, Russia) came third.

  • Chess Profi U8 lineup:
  • Kuznetsov Igor
  • Rachikhin Roman
  • Smirnov Georgiy
  • Kuznetsov Andrey
  • Vegera Artem
  • Tyurin Denis
  • Erdanov Timur
  • team leaders: Papayan Oleg and Chernyuk Mikhail

Interesting games were shown by rest of field, consisted of Cuba Masters, Arriba PERÚ, Derzhava Chess Club, Brazilian Young Chess Team, Paraguay Juvenil, Chess-Maroc (Morroco), Cairo Chess Academy (Egypt). It is delightful to see youngsters of 8, 7, 6 years old, or even younger, playing with so much energy and enthusiasm.

Sakarya Analiz Satranç Kulubü (Turkey) won in Group B pretty convincingly, which is no surprise, because they used to play in this competition before, but were on summer break. Now returning in top competition, they will pose great threat to Russian teams. Two more Russian teams will join them in promotion to Group A: “Бриллиант” (г.Кострома) (Kostroma, Russia) and Ассоциация тренеров шахмат Ульяновской области (Trainer Association of Ulyanovsk Region, Russia). Several new teams increased overall level of competition, and we have few more of them announced to join in next event.

Big changes in Eastern Division: this is the first time in history of this competition (11 editions) that Russian team did not win! New winners come from Philippines, and their team name is Sharp Kids Online. Indian team of ChessNut Academy took second place and Этюд (Etud, Ekaterinburg, Russia) came third.

In América Division we have new champions: Arriba PERÚ. CUBA MASTERS came second and Veracruz Mexico third.


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