Sharp Kids Online: winners of Eastern U8 and WU14

Worldwide U8 Eastern Division – September 10th, 2020

New winners of Worldwide U8 are players of Sharp Kids Online (Philippines). ChessNut Academy (India) took second place and Этюд (Etud, Ekaterinburg, Russia) came third. Read full report.

  • 1. Gllasea Ann Hilario 8 years (in center)
  • 2. Jana Kris Pineda 7 years (upper left)
  • 3. Jemaicah Mendoza 8 years (upper right)
  • 4. Yuan Carl Ditao 8 years (central left)
  • 5. Leilanie Dianne Ferrer 8 years (central right)
  • 6. Prince Jhamie Reyes 6 years (lower outer, left)
  • 7. Karl Lucas De Leon 8 years (2nd from the left, lower)
  • 8. Gabrielle Gayle Ocampo 8 years (center lower)
  • 9. Euan Calix Hilario 7 years (2nd from the right, lower)
  • 10. Rich Wealth Teoxon 8 years (outer right, lower)

But this is not all: on same day, girls from same team won WU14 girls tournament. After summer break, Eastern Division was reinitiated, with first three places taken by Sharp Kids Online (Philippines), N. E. S Chess Warriors (Philippines) and ChessNut Academy (India).

  • Kasandra Flores 14 years (outer left upper portion)
  • Kate Nicole Ordizo 13 years (2nd from the left upper portion)
  • Elisha Mae Ordizo 12 years (3rd from left upper portion)
  • Alysa Buto 13 years (outer right, upper portion)
  • Sophia Jabagat 11 years (outer left, lower portion)
  • Stephanie Jabagat 9 years (2nd from left lower portion)
  • Julia Villaceran 14 years (3rd from left lower portion)
  • Jelian Kim Mangente 13 years (4th from left lower portion)

On top of all this, should be noted that they came close second in U12 competition day earlier, missing only two points to grab first place. They recently joined in U16 also, making their way towards top league, this week they won Group D outright. To summarise: Sharp Kids came first in U8, first in WU14 and second placed in U12 – Impressive!

  • Aron Joshua Toledo
  • Cyrus James Damiray
  • Jace Fortin
  • Alysah Buto
  • Kelly Martin Balbaboco
  • Jerick Faeldonia
  • Dzann Yerachmiel Lagrimas
  • Jasper Faeldonia (back to back individual winner)
  • Rohanisah Buto
  • Zeus Kyle Del Mundo
  • Mikhail Daung
  • Andrew James Toledo
  • Al Basher Buto
  • Tiv Omangay
  • Leonardo Marcus Lee
  • Shaina Magne Romanillos
  • John William Adalia
  • Rex Fredrich Teoxon
  • King Whisley Puso
  • Carlos Alphonso Lee
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is diamond.jpg

Leader of Sharp Kids is Rudy Ibanez, chess coach, Filipino National Master, Arena Grandmaster, FIDE Trainer and FIDE Arbiter. 

Congratulations, keep up the good work!

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