Worldwide Junior U16: Team Krasyliv ends Cuban domination!

The great news is that, after six consecutive victories, the domination of Cuba Masters has been interrupted by a newly promoted team: congratulations to Team Krasyliv for their first victory!

Congratulations to Cuba Masters for a great second place and Chess Club G-2 for third place! In the next edition we will have in Group A, for the first time, three very strong teams: Chess Chile Escolar U16, Arriba Peru and Team Minnesota Scholastic.

Thanks to all the teams who participated! Diplomas are available, on

751 kids are a lot and, except for two groups with few players, yesterday’s tournament was a success! The next one is scheduled for September 26th, the lineups have already been done: soon links will be ready and, as always, organisers kindly ask for you to confirm your participation.


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