U12: Chess-Ecuador on top

Worldwide U12 Group A – Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The second edition of Worldwide U12 brought some new, very interesting teams into the competition. Today’s U12 featured 8 divisions in three time zones, with 67 teams and 766 players.

Chess Ecuador secured another double win, in the Central and America Division. UEC Coronel Pringles (Argentina) made a very nice surprise: after a series of promotions from lower leagues, on their first attempt in Group A they came second!! And third team is newcomer in Group A: Ajedrez Educativo Primarias Rio Negro (Argentina). On fourth place finished СШ 2 Кстово (Kstovo, Russia), closely followed by Chess Chile Escolar.

  • Final standings in Worldwide U12 Group A
    1 Chess-Ecuador 137
    4 СШ 2 Кстово 112
    5 Chess Chile escolar U 11 108
    6 Brazilian Young Chess Team 94
    7 Botvinnik Chess 91
    8 chess-Mar U12 80 (-14)
  • 9 Club Ferlonichess 61

Cairo chess academy (Egypt), Ученики И.Погорелова (Ukraine), and Сборная Шахты (Russia) were the three best teams in Group B and earned the right to be promoted in Group A for the next event. As been confirmed before, “No-Streak” option secured close struggle, and just a win or two more could have brought some other teams on the next level. Cuba Masters, Sakarya Analiz Satranç Kulubü (Turkey), “Бриллиант” (г.Кострома) (Kostroma, Russia), and LPS Satu Mare and Friends (Romania) will remain in Group B.

Lower groups saw some nice performance, by Africa Chess Future Club, Schachfreunde Gern-Pasing (Germany) and Çorlu Düşün Satranç Evi Spor Kulubü (Turkey), to come in Group B, as well as some new teams in the competition, climbing their way up.

In total, for this edition, we had 15 new teams: Jeugd NL_U12, Colchester Junior Chess Club, ASNIERES U12, SV 1934 Griesheim e. V., Weteach, Veli Vrh, White Elephant Mozyr, PCA-U12-WW12, ACT Team, Young Chess Masters, Kuala Langat All Star – U12, CMJ U12 Optimum Kids Team, SRAITK Chess Club, Школа шахмат “Белый Король”, Calvatron Chess and Fox Valley Chess Club. Some of older teams returned onto regular OTB chess and live training sessions, but steady flow of new teams keeps this competition well balanced and increasingly interesting.

Sharp Kids (Philippines) were best in Eastern Division Group A, with a new team of Penang Chess Association (Penang, Malaysia) coming second and Chess Shoots Juniors (Bangalore, India) coming third. What was once a Russian-dominated competition, is now filled with numerous teams from the Far East: rest of the field comprised of N. E. S CHESS WARRIORS (Philippines), ChessNut Academy (Solapur, India), Legacy Kids Philippines, Этюд (Etud, Ekaterinburg, Russia), RCG SCHOOL PLAYERS GROUP B (Sri Lanka) and Thoothukudi Chess Team (India).

Eastern B group was no easy one either and almost turned into an open Malaysian championship: ACT Team (Alpha Chess Titans, Malaysia), Young Chess Masters (Selangor, Malaysia), and Kuala Langat All Star (Banting, Malaysia) deserved the right to be promoted into A group for next event on October 7th. Two strong teams were close but had to settle for fourth and fifth place: CMJ U12 Optimum Kids Team (Chess Master Journey, Malaysia) and SRAITK Chess Club (Taman Keramatand, Malaysia). Школа шахмат “Белый Король” (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Worldwide U12 Selection (team intended to be open for all players without a team to get a chance to play in Worldwide U12 team event) and Calvatron Chess (Singapore) comprised the rest of field.

Chess-Ecuador was best in América Division again, making another clean sweep. Chess Chile Escolar came second and Cuba Masters third. It was nice to see new team of Fox Valley Chess Club (Illinois, USA) successfully participating in this competition, coming fourth, followed by ASEP_Chess Masters Team (California, USA), Mexico Jovenes Promesas and Liga Cuauhtemoc-Mexico City, AAA – ESTUDIANTIL (Venezuela) and Ajedrez en PERU.

A https://lichess.org/tournament/MPrxcu2i
B https://lichess.org/tournament/Vh4KpHRz
C https://lichess.org/tournament/agVgh3ck
D https://lichess.org/tournament/8DVTllQr
E https://lichess.org/tournament/R02WvvOL
Eastern A https://lichess.org/tournament/RoGutsGE
Eastern B https://lichess.org/tournament/59bslIuw
América https://lichess.org/tournament/NFni9vh9

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