U16: A fresh new podium

An unprecedented podium in Group A, composed of three newly promoted teams: congratulations to Chess Chile Escolar, Team Minnesota Scholastic and Arriba Peru!

Now, with the promotion of Santisímo Selección, there are 4 teams that were there at the beginning, playing in our first tournament, and that have managed to return to the first group: Crowborough Chess Club, Inmaculada Selección, Santísimo Selección and Team Minnesota Scholastic; this is how it started, on April 11th: a 10 teams tournament dominated by the Swedish team Trojanska Hästen

Congratulations also to the other 2 newly promoted teams in A: Sharp Kids Online from the Philippines and Welsh Dragons – thanks to the Dragons, Western Europe will now be represented in A, and this hasn’t been the case for a long time, by two teams. While Peru will be represented by as many as three teams (!) in the top division, a record previously held only by Russia.

776 players in six Divisions is a great result, for which I thank all coaches and players. As usual, anyone who wants an Award can ask for it directly by leaving a message here or in the lichess forum.

Thanks to the Aspire Chess Center some of the kids will be able to participate in a free training tournament. Below is the list of those I selected following the rankings. If one of them cannot play or does not answer, I will replace him/her with another player.

A chesspawnrookking and ReyserSoriaN
B CarlnDaluz2 and THE_BASTY_KING
C BrucceLee1940 and jordysozoranga
D Matvey_chess and LorenzoNanco
E MaNuNiTeD6000 and Hardyush
F alexvdm and Tezzi
As soon as possible the date and the link for the tournament will be published here on the site. Good luck to everyone!

I am working for the next simul and the next blitz tournament. The next Under 16 is scheduled for October 10th, here are the links:
A https://lichess.org/tournament/7tn3qC8c
B https://lichess.org/tournament/Eyoeqg8n
C https://lichess.org/tournament/r2WWwlI2
D, E and F will follow soon…

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