Sharp Kids won again, this time the U16 Team Battle

It is virtually impossible to predict the result in Division A, although the victory of Sharp Kids from the Philippines, the second place of Ученики И.Погорелова and the third place of the Indian team Aspire Chess Center are hardly a surprise – all three teams won Division after Division – it is certainly a surprise the last place of the Chilean team that won the last two editions.

Beyond the results, it was a very difficult and very hard-fought tournament and I still thank all the coaches who made it possible with their commitment.

681 youngsters took part in the fifteenth edition of the U16 tournament – an excellent result.

Anyone who wants a diploma (individual or team) can ask for it by leaving a message in the team forum, directly on lichess.

Back to the game in a few hours! The Amazing Worldwide Team will be playing in the Bundesliga and you are all invited to play!

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