Changes announced in Worldwide competition

To better accommodate numerous new teams, as well as daylight saving time change in some countries, organizers of Worldwide Chess events have decided to make some changes:

  • Worldwide Junior U16 remains at 3 p.m. GMT time, meaning that in European countries beginning of the tournament will be at 4 p.m. (one hour earlier).
  • U12 and U8 Eastern Division tournaments will start one hour earlier (11 a.m. GMT)
  • An important change in Worldwide U8 – this competition will no longer be played on Thursdays but on Wednesdays.
  • U12 and U8 Team Battles are going to be played on Wednesdays on alternating weeks. One week is U12 Team, next week is U8 Team, etc. Individual Arena tournaments for U12 category will be held every other Wednesday, like before.
  • Girls U14w tournament will be moved to Saturday, and all teams will play at the same time (no more three different timings but one for all), at 3 p.m. GMT. Teams from Eastern, Central, and America Divisions will be united in a single Division with two groups. The tournament will be played on Saturdays, alternating with Worldwide Junior U16.
  • U12 has received two Blitz Arena tournaments on Wednesdays, with time control 5+2 and 60 minutes duration. Saturday could accommodate one additional Blitz Arena.

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