Sharp kids win U16

Worldwide Junior U16 – November 7, 2020

691 players, another great result. Thank you all! Congrats to Sharp Kids for their second consecutive victory! Division A was very hard fought this week, congratulations to all the teams involved.

Important! – we control the games once the tournament is over, and if one of the players has violated the lichess rules, his points are subtracted from the team’s points.

  • Group A final standings:
  • 1             SHARP KIDS Under 16                    268
  • 2             Aspire Chess Center U16 Team     210
  • 3             Crowborough Chess Club               192
  • 4             Ученики И.Погорелова                 178
  • 5             FDCH                                                  178
  • 6             MORONA SANTIAGO AJEDREZ     162
  • 7             SELECCION INMACULADA               152 (-44)
  • 8             AJEDREZ EDUCATIVO RIO NEGRO 150
  • 9             Team Krasyliv                                      147
  • 10          Замандас 21                                        126

Division B – Congratulations to Team Minnesota Scholastic, Cuttack Little Chess Champions and to the team with the most victories: welcome back in A to the Cuban Masters!

The next tournament will be in two weeks – lineups are (almost) ready: and all links will be ready soon.
In the meantime you can help the Worldwide Junior team in the Bundesliga – please check in tournaments for new links

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