U8: repeated success of PCA, Kstovo and Peru

Worldwide U8 Center A – November 11, 2020

Moving U8 onto Wednesdays meant that there will be more breathing space for the youngest player category. Before, U8 was situated in-between U12 and U16 categories, and that kept this tournament somewhat in the shadow. Now it is full-grown, stand -alone tournament, and numbers confirm that: 314 players this week (compared to 199 in the previous edition). The bright future is secured!

СШ 2 Кстово (Sport School №2 Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) continues domination in Worldwide U8, winning in top-level Group A competition. Second place again went to Chess Profi (St. Petersburg, Russia). And best result so far for Derzhava Chess Club (Russia), third place, confirming Russian supremacy in this competition.

Botvinnik Youth League (Moscow, Russia), Dragulf Chess Club (Norway) and KSz “HETMAN” Katowice (Poland) are three new forces that appeared in U8 competition, immediately promoting in top group A. What it will be like next time, with all those super teams together…we can’t wait to see.

Thanks to all team leaders for cooperation. Despite good intentions, (Worldwide is built on cooperation and trust), occasionally we do get problems with uncontrolled players, older ones or assisted. That is why all results are not official until an article is published on this web. All teams with players that cannot be verified will have their points reduced and possibly expelled from the competition. Thanks to all that pointed out some problems – we all work together in making this competition safe and fair.

U8 Center A, final standings:
1 СШ 2 Кстово 84
2 Chess_Profi 75
3 Derzhava Chess Club 74
4 Sakarya Analiz Satranç Kulubü 68
5 Arriba PERÚ 62
6 Weteach 55
7 “Бриллиант” (г.Кострома) 50
8 Chess Gladiators 17
9 Paraguay Juvenil 16

U8 Center B, final standings:
1 Botvinnik Youth League (2012 и младше) 69
2 Dragulf U8 47
3 KSz “HETMAN” Katowice 42
4 ДЮСШ №9 2012 и моложе 39
5 Schachfreunde Gern-Pasing II 39
6 Невская ладья 2008 год рождения и моложе 2 (-18)

U8 Center C, final standings:
1 Мордовия-Мулловка-2012 41
2 Сборная Шахты 39
3 Surbiton juniors 37
4 ДША Kravchess ™ 32
5 Düsseldorfer Schachverein 1854 30
6 Veli Vrh 24
7 Восточный ветер KIDS 11 (-21)

If it wasn’t for time difference, there would be even more struggle, because U8 Division East is by no means easier to play: eight very healthy teams brought 80 players to battle it out, with Penang Chess Association (Malaysia) securing another win. Very good performance was given by Eminent Chess Academy, New Delhi (India), that managed to come second in their first appearance in U8. Sharp Kids (Philippines) achieved third place.

U8 Division East, final standings:
1 PCA-U8-WW8 87
2 Eminent Chess Academy, New Delhi 76
3 SHARP KIDS Under 8 73
4 CMJ U8 Optimum Kids Team 70
5 ChessNut Academy Under 8 59
6 Этюд 59
7 Chess Training Foundation 54
8 North Bengal Chess Academy(Under 8) 54

Division West (America) saw identical podium: Arriba PERÚ came first again, Veracruz Mexico second and Fox Valley Chess Club (USA) third.

Center A https://lichess.org/tournament/21GR76S6
Center B https://lichess.org/tournament/WhVkox1w
Center C https://lichess.org/tournament/q4jbb2B3
East https://lichess.org/tournament/CSAC5Zju
West https://lichess.org/tournament/aoVFu5Ae

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