U12 Team tournament

IMPORTANT: Worldwide U12 Division West (America) has moved one hour later, to 22:00 UTC

Worldwide tournament Division Center (Groups) remained at the same time: 16:00 UTC. Division East is moved one hour earlier, to 11:00 UTC.

U12 Arena tournaments (individual) will no longer be played.

Worldwide U12 – Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Center A https://lichess.org/tournament/LN7SpeIU
Center B https://lichess.org/tournament/vBLSMFh5
Center C https://lichess.org/tournament/GvDK0pOJ
Center D https://lichess.org/tournament/jUzkKkRD
Center E https://lichess.org/tournament/JRJByQUJ
Center F https://lichess.org/tournament/VN3XffQf
East A https://lichess.org/tournament/fyZLiiKa
East B https://lichess.org/tournament/2U8WwdCj
West https://lichess.org/tournament/WsQN1VIy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is worldwideu12-division-system-1.jpg

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