Cuttack Little chess Champions win in U16

Worldwide Junior U16 – November 22, 2020

799 players, one of our best tournaments! The fifth largest and one of the most unpredictable ever.

Here, in addition to the rules – which we were forced to use yesterday to adjust the result – you can find all the tournaments played, with number of players, teams and links:

Congratulations to all the teams and all the kids, in all the Leagues – in Group A we have an Indian team in first place, Cuttack Little Chess Champions, in second another Indian team, Aspire Chess Center, and on third, two teams with equal points, Team Minnesota Scholastic and Seleccion Inmaculada.

  • Group A final standings:

1 Cuttack_Little_Chess_Champions
2 Aspire Chess Center U16 Team
3 Team Minnesota Scholastic
5 Crowborough Chess Club
8 Ученики И.Погорелова
9 Sharp Kids U16 (dsq)
10 Cuba Masters (dns)

Group B was without doubt the most uncertain and fun, with the result hovering until the last minute. Congratulations to Arriba Peru, Chess Chile Escolar and Team Krasyliv: welcome back to A!

The next tournament is scheduled for Saturday 5 December, all links will be here in a few hours – in the meantime you are all invited to help The Amazing Worldwide Team in the Bundesliga:

Thank you all for your help, your efforts and your cooperation. It is a pleasure to work with you. As usual, anyone who wishes can leave a message in the forum and ask for an Award/Diploma.

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