Girls from Riga won U14w

Worldwide Girls U14w Group A – November 28, 2020

Surprising new winners: the team of ThinkB4UMove (Riga, Latvia) emerged victorious in the latest edition of the Worldwide Girls U14w team tournament that was held on November 28. They brought just enough players, and all of them gave an excellent performance on their first appearance in the top group, winning immediately. But it was not easy at all: only a few points behind them were girls from She Plays To Win (United Kingdom) with 42(!) players and Федерация Шахмат Республики Башкортостан (Bashkortostan Chess Federation, Russia).

U14w Group B

In Group B fight was even closer: Odisha Girl Power Chess Team (India), Brazilian Young Chess Team, Arriba PERÚ and CMJ Girls U14 Optimum Chess Disciples Team (Malaysia) were all numerous teams and within a few points difference and should all be promoted into the top group. Intention of organizers is to make this competition as balanced as possible and to put all the big teams together in Group A, so all four teams will be promoted.

Todays tournament had a total of 168 girls. Next event will be on December 10, 2020.

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