Riga Chess School – U14w Champions

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn 🙂

It was a surprise to them as it was for all: new winners of Worldwide Girls U14w team tournament that was held on November 28, are girls from the team named ThinkB4UMove, behind which is Riga Chess School. They brought just enough players to take up all leader positions that count for the team result, and all of them gave an excellent performance. But it was not easy at all: only a few points behind them were girls from She Plays To Win (United Kingdom) and Федерация Шахмат Республики Башкортостан (Bashkortostan Chess Federation, Russia).

“ThinkB4UMove” is a kids and youth team made up of Riga Chess School students who either practice together or are simply good friends – chess does unite!

Riga Chess School was founded in 1972 and today has over five hundred students and sixteen coaches who are doing their best to help kids reach their potential and individual goals, whether it’s playing for fun and using chess as a great tool for overall personal development or becoming a seasoned grandmaster. Among the graduates of the school are many national team members and well-known grandmasters: Ilze Berzina, Laura Rogule, Toms Kantans, Nikita Meshkovs, Arturs Neiksans, and probably the best known of them all – Alexei “Fire on Board” Shirov.

The five girls who represent “ThinkB4UMove” in U14w team competition are one of the brightest students of the school and leading players in the country in their respective age groups: Agnesa Stepania Ter-Avetisjana, Darja Zubova, Marija Krasilnikova, Marija Kuznecova and Melanija Luize Jansone. A good friend Sofja Vasiljeva, Latvia’s champion under twelve, joined the team to become the sixth member. She is from Daugavpils and represents the local chess club “Daugava Chess”. Hopefully, they will keep working hard and one day earn the highest possible honor a chess player can dream of – to play for the national team in the Chess Olympiad.

Team captain: FA FI Edgars Ungurs.

In the photos you can see U14w team members receiving their prizes during the closing ceremony of this year’s Latvian Youth championship.

UPDATE: December 12, 2020

Girls managed to win again, this time with the help of three new players: Ieva Valeine, Polina Zubova, Elina Ozolina. So they are no longer a surprise, but a very strong and consistent team, currently the best in the Worldwide U14w competition.

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