Sharp Kids won U12 East

Worldwide U12 Division East – December 2, 2020

Worldwide U12 Division East saw as many as 353 players in two groups, playing for 20 teams, and continues to bring the most numerous teams. Sharp Kids from Philippines continued their streak of wins, with another top result. Behind them, two teams ended up tied for second place Penang Chess Association (Malaysia) and North Bengal Chess Academy (Under 12) Team (India).

  • U12 East A final standings:
    • 1 SHARP KIDS Under 12 (Philippines)
      2 PCA-U12-WW12 (Malaysia)
      3 North Bengal Chess Academy (Under 12) (India)
      4 Eminent Chess Academy, New Delhi (India)
      5 Champions Chess Academy (India)
      6 Chess Training Foundation (India)
      7 CMJ U12 Optimum Kids Team (Malaysia)
      8 Этюд (Etud, Russia)
      9 Cuttack_Little_Chess_Champions (India)
      10 Kuala Langat All Star – U12 (Malaysia)

Ten very healthy teams played in East B, and all of them could compete successfully in group A. Three of them earned promotion: Федерация Шахмат Республики Башкортостан (Bashkortostan Chess Federation, Russia), Chess Shoots Juniors (India) and ACT Team (India).

  • U12 East B final standings:
    • 1 Федерация Шахмат Республики Башкортостан (Russia)
      2 Chess Shoots Juniors (India)
      3 ACT Team (Malaysia)
      4 Тавда (Russia)
      5 Play Chess Academy (India)
      6 Шахматная академия UfaChess (Russia)
      7 Young Chess Masters – U12 (Malaysia)
      8 The Chess Academy – ActiveKids (Hong Kong)
      9 ChessNut Academy Under 11 (India)
      10 Grigoryan Kamo (Armenia)

The biggest team today was Penang Chess Association’s PCA U12, with 55 players – impressive indeed! As new teams are coming to play, organizers will consider opening third group in Division East, which would bring this competition into being capable of hosting over 20 teams. Next event is scheduled for December 16th.

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