5th Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena with IM Francesco Sonis!

Francesco Sonis has just won the European Selection of the FIDE ONLINE WORLD CADETS & YOUTH RAPID CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS and has therefore qualified for the final phase, which will be played from 19 to 23 December. This will consist of a knock-out tournament of 16 players among which will be the strongest young players in the world.

We are therefore even happier to announce the 5th Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena which will be played on Monday 28 December, at 4 pm GMT.

Together with Francesco will play also International Master Nico Zwirs, coach and Chessbase’s author, whom we would like to thank once again for the kindness he has shown in all these months and for his help in organising some of the events we have developed since April.

This is a good opportunity for me to thank also everyone who has dedicated their time and resources to this tournament over the past few months!

We managed to have thousands of young people involved, lots of Team Battles and four fantastic simuls:
with World Under-20 Champion GM Evgeny Shtembuliak, broadcasted live in English on his Twitch channel;
– twice with The Legend, Alexander Morozevich, broadcasted in Russian language on his YouTube channel ChessEvents, where you can follow him playing and commenting on some of the main events;
– with International Master Max Warmerdam, a young strong Master and a popular streamer.

And also four, not counting the next one, blitz tournaments with many strong Masters.

Our tournament was born in a moment of crisis, with the need to dedicate a space online to children – we hope that the emergency will end and the space can remain, open and shared, free for all.

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