Botvinnik School – Winners of U8

Worldwide U8 Center A – December 9, 2020

Winners of Worldwide U8 top level group Center A team tournament that was held on December 9, 2020 are players of the famous Botvinnik Chess School (Moscow, Russia). Numerous team from Moscow outplayed all their opponents and won by a large margin. Second place went to KSz “HETMAN” Katowice (Poland) and third to Sport School №2 Kstovo (Russia). Read Worldwide U8.

The team Botvinnik Youth League consists of students of Moscow-based Botvinnik Chess School. This is one of the best and the oldest schools in Russia (established in 1936) . A number of outstanding grandmasters – Vadim Zvyagintsev, Mikhail Kobalia, Alexey Korotylev, Boris Grachev are among graduates from this School.

Initially some team members played for team 2008 year (Botvinnik Chess), but later we created a team for students 2012 and younger. There are over 40 members in the team and usually 10-15 of them participate in tournaments on a regular basis. Students of different coaches play for the Botvinnik Youth League, but they are united by the belonging to this famous school. The boys and girls know each other from participating in a large number of club tournaments.

Over the past year, due to the pandemic, the entire chess life has moved to the Internet on all sorts of gaming platforms. All members of our team are grateful to the organizers of these tournaments and convey their best wishes with the upcoming holidays.

Botvinnik U8 lineup: Amir Eshonov, Miroslav Asadov, Artem Dmitriev, Marat Zainetdinov, Arkadyi Savochkin, Lev Bazylev, Arseniy Novikov, Oleg Korolev, Vladimir Demin, Tigran Bagdasaryan.

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