2021: updated Age categories and Leagues

  • With the New Year coming, Worldwide age categories will receive adjustments in age limits:
    • U8 is for children born in 2013 and younger,
    • U12 is for children born in 2009 and younger,
    • U16 is for children born in 2005 and younger,
    • U14w is for girls born in 2007 and younger.
  • All teams should update their lineups, review memberships, or make new teams to accommodate new age limits.

Worldwide U8

The youngest have the biggest smiles!! Kids born in year 2013 and later are welcome to join this tournament.
Wednesday is their match day.

Worldwide U12

Worldwide U12 is for kids born from 2009 onwards.
Tournaments are played on Wednesdays, at 11 am, 4 pm and 10 pm UTC. Time control is 10+2, duration 90 minutes.

Worldwide Girls U14w

Girls only!! Latest addition to Worldwide series is Worldwide Girls U14w. Born year 2007 and younger are allowed. Playing on Saturdays. Have fun!

Worldwide Junior U16

Top competition. Players 2005 and younger allowed. Two hours of fun on Saturdays!! Played every two weeks.

U12 and U8 Team Battles are going to be played on Wednesdays on alternating weeks. One week is U12 Team, next week is U8 Team, etc.

Girls U14w tournament is played on Saturdays, alternating with Worldwide Junior U16.

One thought on “2021: updated Age categories and Leagues

  1. Good morning my friend

    Thanks for the updates.

    I will take care of it.

    Please add my team U12 in 12 Jan 2021 tournament.

    Wish you a happy new year 2021.

    Thanks and Regards Yogesh kumbhar SWANAND chess academy India


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