Club Ferlonichess U12 team – winners

Winners of the first U12 tournament in 2021, held on January 13th, are players of Club Ferlonichess, a multiethnic and multicultural team from Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay. It was the first win for them in this competition. Second place for Sport School №2 Kstovo (Russia) and third for Boca Junior (Denmark). Worldwide U12 event

Incredible finish in the Division East: Penang Chess Association (Malaysia) and Sharp Kids Diamonds (Philippines) ended up being tied for the first place! In this case, Lichess platform placed PCA team on first place, and in similar situations, we tend to recognize this result as official. Third place for Alpha Chess Titans Team (Malaysia).

Tiburones AAVAC U-12 (Mexico, formerly competed as Veracruz team) came first in the Division West. Arriba Peru came second and Brazilian Young Chess Team on the third place.

Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay is a city where there are citizens of many countries, because here is the heart of commerce for Latin America. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world; Many immigrants of various nationalities such as Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Koreans, etc. live in the area. It is currently the second most developed and populated city in the country, being the only city in the country, apart from Asunción, to have a 100% urbanized population.

Ferlonichess is one of the most prestigious and important chess academies in Latin America. In that context many foreigners who study in Ferlonichess academy recite, they have Chinese, Mongols, Argentinian, Brazilian, Koreans, and many more. There they live three people face to face, that is why it is called three borders, so Argentines and Brazilians come and go every day and many come to study in this academy, led by FI Prof. Jose W. Perez Ferloni.

Worldwide U12 – Wednesday, January 13, 2021
East A
East B

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