Jacob Aagaard’s Simul

We are happy to announce the next simul with Jacob Aagaard. Grandmaster, publisher, author, trainer – he has worked with elite chess players like GM Shankland and GM Gelfand – and FIDE Trainers Commission Chairman.

Among his most recent projects is Killer Chess Training, daily chess training with the best trainers in the world.

All of our students – especially, I would like to point out, those who will not find space in the simul – have been generously invited to Aagaard’s lichess team where they can play blitz and rapid training tournaments. The next one is scheduled for Sunday at noon (London time). Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Here you can also find an episode of The Perpetual Chess Podcast, where Aagaard is talking about his work as an author and a trainer.

Our simul will be on Saturday 30 January, obviously on lichess, and will be played on 20 boards.

There are more than sixty teams participating in the tournament. So it is necessary to select players, and we will do this through a rapid tournament – more information will be published both here and on lichess team’s forum, as soon as we are able to do so. The day of the rapid will be Sunday 30, the day after the 21st Worldwide Junior U16.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

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