February 2021 Worldwide League Schedule

February of 2021 will bring one important upgrade into the Worldwide Junior Chess League and introduce the first-ever Worldwide Chess Festival.

Lichess platform upgraded its capability to support team battles with more than 10 teams, which will allow for a much bigger group to be made. With the ability to accommodate larger tournaments, the Worldwide League system will be altered. More to follow soon.

  • In 2021, Worldwide age categories received adjustments in age limits:
    • U8 is for children born in 2013 and younger,
    • U12 is for children born in 2009 and younger,
    • U16 is for children born in 2005 and younger,
    • U14w is for girls born in 2007 and younger.
  • All teams should update their lineups, and review memberships.

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