1.158 players in U12!

New all-time high for U12: with 1.158 players and 94 teams, this was the largest U12 tournament in the Worldwide Junior Chess League history!

Winners of the biggest U12 League, held on January 27th, are players of Club Ferlonichess, repeating success from the previous League. Second place for Сборная Шахты (Shakhty, Russia) and third for Boca Junior (Denmark).

Six groups were needed to accommodate almost 60 teams in Division Center. Derzhava Chess Club, Düsseldorfer Schachverein 1854, and Botvinnik Youth League made the best result in Group B and will be promoted to the top league.

Division East: Sharp Kids Diamonds (Philippines) returned on top, followed by Alpha Chess Titans Team (Malaysia), and Eminent Chess Academy (New Delhi, India).

The biggest surge of new teams was seen in the Division West: this was the first time two groups were filled with 20 teams and gathered a total of 303 players. Arriba PERÚ came victorious, followed by Circuito Nacional FENAMAC SUB 12 (Mexico) and Tiburones AAVAC U-12 (Mexico).

1 Arriba PERÚ – PERU 130
2 Circuito Nacional FENAMAC SUB 12 – MEXICO 119
3 Tiburones AAVAC U-12 – MEXICO 109
4 The Knights of Chess – CANADA 102 (-8)
5 Fox Valley Chess Club – USA 95
7 Brazilian Young Chess Team – BRAZIL 81
8 Legendary Chess Club – CANADA 64
9 ASEP_Chess Masters Team 1- USA 49
10 Chess-Ecuador – ECUADOR

New teams: Circuito Nacional FENAMAC (Mexico), The Knights of Chess (Canada), Legendary Chess Club (Canada), Ajedrez Armagedón (Peru), Saco Oliveros Chess Team (Peru), CIC Student Team (Canada), Calgary Chess School (Canada), Squad Amigos del Chess (Chile), Wash Heights Might! (USA), Moksleivių šachmatų klubas (Lithuania), MCSOX (England), IMA U12 (Malaysia).

Worldwide U12 – Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Center A https://lichess.org/tournament/H5oHgz01
Center B https://lichess.org/tournament/xcw6t5HS
Center C https://lichess.org/tournament/Xv4vUbEn
Center D https://lichess.org/tournament/HbcYmSsE
Center E https://lichess.org/tournament/HojTVB0z
Center F https://lichess.org/tournament/XY8vZ8dF
East A https://lichess.org/tournament/L69N7CkV
East B https://lichess.org/tournament/sZkIbzOg
West A https://lichess.org/tournament/qkFIEgZG
West B https://lichess.org/tournament/CP6Stv81

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