U14w: Win for Sharp Kids

Sharp Kids Diamonds U14G team from the Phillipines emerged victorious in the latest edition of the Worldwide Girls U14w team tournament that was held on January 30, 2021. Latvia Junior Chess and England Juniors Under 14 Girls came tied for second place.

Worldwide Girls U14w Group A, final standings:

2 Latvia Junior Chess LATVIA
3 England Juniors Under 14 Girls ENGLAND
4 Calasanz Chess Club Loja ECUADOR
5 Федерация Шахмат Республики Башкортостан RUSSIA
6 Veracruz Mexico Women U-14 MEXICO
8 ThinkB4UMove LATVIA
9 Fox Valley Chess Club USA
10 Odisha Girl Power Chess Team INDIA

This edition of U14w tournament gathered 225 girls. And this was the last edition with three groups division. Next event, scheduled for February 13, will have one single division, meaning all girls will have a chance to play together in one big tournament 🙂

Note to all girls without team: you can join in the Worldwide Girls U14 Selection and play in the tournament. (To join team, you must write your name and year of birth, otherwise you will not be accepted).

  • Sharp Kids Diamonds winning lineup:
    • Ericka Ordizo
    • Kate Nicole Ordizo
    • Gabrielle Gayle Ocampo
    • Leilanie Dianne Ferrer
    • Roth Faith Mangente
    • Sophia Jabagat
    • Stephanie Jabagat
    • Janina Claire Rivera
    • Janine Beatriz Rivera
    • Kenzie Anne Sudo
    • Jemaicah Mendoza
    • Achieajoy Dublin
    • Glaiza Romero
  • Captain: NM FT FA Rudy Ibanez

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