Third consecutive win for Ferlonichess, 1.132 players in U12

Club Ferlonichess once again emerged victorious, for a total of three consecutive victories for the team from Paraguay in top league Center A. Second place for another team from South America: Chess Chile Escolar. Third place for European team: Boca Junior (Denmark) again came with a podium finish.

1 Club Ferlonichess PARAGUAY
2 Chess Chile Escolar CHILE
3 Boca Junior DENMARK
4 SV Isental GERMANY
5 Botvinnik Youth League RUSSIA
6 Schachfreunde München GERMANY
7 Derzhava Chess Club RUSSIA
8 Düsseldorfer Schachverein 1854 GERMANY
9 Сборная Шахты RUSSIA
10 KSz “HETMAN” Katowice POLAND

Group Center B saw a close fight for promotion. After intense 90 minutes, Latvia Junior Chess, and Chess_Profi (Russia) will be promoted to the top league for the first time, together with СШ 2 Кстово (Russia), returning in A.

Groups C, D, and E fielded some very interesting teams, quickly climbing their way up the ranks. Looking forward to seeing them on top soon.

Division East A: First win for ChessNut Academy (India). Second place for SHARP KIDS DIAMONDS (Philippines) and third for ACT Team (Malaysia). One very good team joined in East B, namely Tavan Khan U12 from Mongolia, securing win and promotion to group A, along with two Malaysian teams: CMJ U12 Optimum Kids Team and Young Chess Masters. Division East regularly fields very strong and numerous teams.

And Division West finally has two formidable groups to compete. Top group A saw new winners from Peru: Los Dragones del Ajedrez. Two Mexican teams followed, Circuito Nacional FENAMAC SUB 12 in second and Tiburones AAVAC U-12 in third place. West B: CIC Student Team (Canada), AAA – ESTUDIANTIL (Venezuela), and Chess Chile Escolar secured promotion in the top group.

New teams: Tavan Khan U12 (Mongolia), Future MAS Champions U-12 (Malaysia), Rey de reyes Chess Kid (Peru), Начало Большого Пути (Russia).

On Saturday, February 27 we are organizing Worldwide Festival, to give a chance for our young players to have a high-level, arbiter-controlled event. Tournaments will take place on Tornelo (a platform of choice for the World Youth & Cadets Championships).

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