186 Girls in a single tournament!

Sharp Kids Diamonds U14G are once again victorious in Worldwide Girls U14w team tournament that was held on February 13, 2021. This is a second consecutive win for the girls team from The Philippines. Success Academies Girls Club (USA) finished second, with Moksleivių šachmatų klubas (Lithuania) coming close third.

This edition of U14w League was the first to feature all teams in one large group, with a total of 30 teams and 186 girls playing, and with all positive reactions, we’ll keep it that way.

The next event is scheduled for February 27. Tournament link.

Note to all girls without team: you can join in the Worldwide Girls U14 Selection and play in the tournament. (To join team, you must write your name and year of birth, otherwise you will not be accepted).

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