Latvia Junior wins U12 League!

Latvia Junior Chess team achieved their first win in U12 League today, in their first appearance in the highest level of competition. And other two podium finishers were also freshly promoted to the top division: Russian teams of Sport School №2 Kstovo and Chess_Profi from St. Petersburg.

1 Latvia Junior Chess – Latvia
2 СШ 2 Кстово – Russia
3 Chess_Profi – Russia
4 Schachfreunde München – Germany
5 Boca Junior – Denmark
6 Club Ferlonichess – Paraguay
7 Chess Chile escolar – Chile
8 Botvinnik Youth League – Russia
9 Derzhava Chess Club – Russia
10 SV Isental – Germany

As usual, group Center B saw a very close fight for promotion. The leaderboard was decided in the last seconds of the tournament, and teams that will be promoted to the top group A are Surbiton juniors (England), Strateg Stuttgart (Germany), and Oslo Sjakkrets Ungdom (Norway). Worldwide League continues to be very strong and to succeed, the team must have many excellent performers.

Group C was won outright by Moksleivių šachmatų klubas (Lithuania), promoting to group B, together with Tromsø Sjakklubbs Ungdom (Norway) and Irish Juniors team. Groups D and E were interesting, giving a new chance for the teams to climb up to higher levels.

Division East A: SHARP KIDS DIAMONDS (Philippines) returned on top, for another very convincing win. In their first appearance in the top division, a very strong team of Tavan Khan from Mongolia came second. Third for ACT Team (Malaysia).

Play Chess Academy (India) won East B. Veli Vrh team from Croatia, one of the founders of Worldwide League (which provides a chance for players without a team to join and play in U12 League), came a close second, by one point difference. Third place for Future MAS Champions (Malaysia). Those three teams will be promoted in East A for the next event in two weeks.

Division West A: Arriba Peru won first place, with LOS DRAGONES DEL AJEDREZ (Peru) coming second, and Tiburones AAVAC U-12 (Mexico) being third. From West B, three teams with best results, Saco Oliveros Chess Team (Peru), Ajedrez Armagedón (Peru), and ASEP_Chess Masters Team 1 (USA) will be promoted in A group.

In total, 969 players born in 2009 and later played today. The next U12 League is scheduled for March 10, 2021.

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