Marcos Manuel Miranda Fernandez and Kler Çaku are winners of Worldwide Festival

The first-ever Worldwide Junior Chess Festival was played on February 27, 2021. Following the success of the Worldwide League, organizers decided to prepare Worldwide Swiss tournaments for U12 players (children born in the year 2009 and later). Tournaments were Swiss Rapid, 6 rounds of 10’+2”.

The Festival was held on Lichess platform, where children are playing in Worldwide League, and in that tradition, several tournaments were played in different timings, to better accommodate many time zones.

Festival East tournament was held at 10:00 UTC. The winner is Marcos Manuel Miranda Fernandez from Paraguay. Second place for Tuvshintulga Tumurchudur from Mongolia, and third for Juliana Figueira Theophilo Silva (Brasil).

Then followed Center tournament, played at 15:00 UTC. The winner is from Albania: Kler Çaku managed to outperform Marcos Manuel Miranda Fernandez. Third place for Renars Muzis (Latvia).

West tournament was the last event of the Festival (20:00 UTC). Another great battle and tight finish: Marcos Manuel Miranda Fernandez, Mateo Boci (Albania), and Juliana Figueira Theophilo Silva (Brasil), all with 5 points, tiebreaks deciding podium places.

Where else can you find a boy from Mongolia and a boy from Peru playing in the tournament at the same time? While it was as early as 5 a.m. in Lima, it was 6 p. m. in Ulaanbaatar. Or, a boy from Hong Kong playing at late evening 11 p.m. tournament, meeting a boy from Toronto, at 10 a.m. in the morning…

70 players from 15 countries: Latvia, Greece, Paraguay, Canada, Croatia, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Germany, Albania, Mongolia, Cyprus, Russia, Austria, Brasil, India. Many of those grabbed the opportunity to play in several tournaments during the Festival, delighted to play their newly made friends from different parts of the World, as much as they can.

Are you up for another Festival soon? 🙂

Festival East winners by category

  • U7: Mykhailo Nikonenko (Ukraine), Safin Safarullakhan (India), Phillip Veselov (Cyprus)
  • U8: Daniel Beniosev (Latvia), Nazar Demyanenkov (Russia), Patriks Ivulans (Latvia)
  • U9: Tuvshintulga Tumurchudur (Mongolia), Oleg Kalinin (Latvia), Aleksandrs Gorohovs (Latvia)
  • U10: Jānis Marks Dābols (Latvia), Nimesh Selva (India), Rafael Moscoso (Peru)
  • U11: Marcos Manuel Miranda Fernandez (Paraguay), Juliana Figueira Theophilo Silva (Brasil), Matvei Lavrishchev (Cyprus)
  • U12: Agota Kontrimaitė (Lithuania), Renars Muzis (Latvia), Jamison Kao (Hong Kong)

Festival Center winners by category

  • U7: Mykhailo Nikonenko (Ukranie), Liva Mierina (Latvia), Andreas Meiser (Germany)
  • U8: Daniel Beniosev (Latvia), Nazar Demyanenkov (Russia), Enzo Viñales González (Paraguay)
  • U9: Nikolajs Platonovs (Latvia), Ivano Močić (Croatia), Mario Rella (Austria)
  • U10: Lauma Mierina (Latvia), Dariya Elaeva (Russia), Rafael Moscoso (Peru)
  • U11: Kler Çaku (Albania), Marcos Manuel Miranda Fernandez (Paraguay), Juliana Figueira Theophilo Silva (Brasil)
  • U12: Renars Muzis (Latvia), Jamison Kao (Hong Kong), Maksimilians Sokolovs (Latvia),

Festival West winners by category

  • U8: Enzo Mathías Viñales González (Paraguay), Yan Maslov (Canada)
  • U9: Ivano Močić (Croatia), Madars Apinis (Latvia), Peter Zhivotchenko (Canada)
  • U10: Rafael Moscoso (Peru), Ayla Maslov (Canada), Dafne Maklakova (Latvia)
  • U11: Marcos Manuel Miranda Fernandez (Paraguay), Mateo Boci (Albania), Juliana Figueira Theophilo Silva (Brasil)
  • U12: Maksimilians Sokolovs (Latvia), Agota Kontrimaitė (Lithuania), Sam Chen (Canada)