U12: Victory for Surbiton Juniors!

Surbiton Juniors
came victorious in U12 League played on March 10, this being their first victory. And it was really intense. For 90 minutes, four teams were battling it out with only a few points difference. One more or less win could bring totally different podium places. This way, Strateg Stuttgart (Germany) had to stop at second place with two points less, closely followed by Oslo Sjakkrets Ungdom U12 (Norway) and Chess Profi (St- Petersburg, Russia). Another incredible fact: all three teams were freshly promoted from B League, where they also had a great fight last time, with the same close podium finish!

1 Surbiton juniors – England
3 Oslo sjakkrets ungdom – Norway
4 Chess_Profi – Russia
5 Latvia Junior Chess – Latvia
6 СШ 2 Кстово – Russia
7 Schachfreunde München – Germany
8 Boca Junior – Denmark
9 Chess Chile Escolar – Chile
10 Club Ferlonichess – Paraguay

There is one team that could soon make a huge impact: Moksleivių šachmatų klubas (Lithuania) won all their groups so far, and we are delighted to see them promoted to Group A. But they are not the only threat for the best teams, because Irish Juniors U12 also gave an excellent performance in a series of promotions, arriving in the top league. Arriba PERÚ will also be promoted, strong as ever, making this Group B a real gateway to the top league.

UEC Coronel Pringles Team, former U12 champions, who took a break for a while (it was summer in Argentina), finally got together again with a respectable team, winning in Group C, featuring three national champions in their lineup: Riccardo Costalonga (Italian U8), Vanesa Guzman (Argentinan U10), Calebe Kazarrotti (Brazilian U10). Other two passengers to a higher division are Начало Большого Пути (Russia) and Dragulf U12 (Norway). The constant flow of good teams, who are coming from Groups D and E keep the competition balanced and interesting as ever.

Division East A: SHARP KIDS DIAMONDS (Philippines) had another very convincing win. ACT Team (Malaysia) and Tavan Khan (Mongolia) came tied up for second place.

Penang Chess Association won East B and will be promoted in East A, together with Eminent Chess Academy and Chess Training Foundation.

Division West A: three teams in two points difference: Los Dragones del Ajedrez (Peru) won, and Tiburones AAVAC U-12 (Mexico) came second and CIC Student Team (Canada). From West B, three teams with best results, Rey de reyes Chess Kid (Peru), AAA – ESTUDIANTIL (Venezuela), and Fox Valley Chess Club (USA) will be promoted in A group.

In total, 846 players born in 2009 and later participated. The next U12 League is scheduled for March 24, 2021.

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