Lithuanians on top: Moksleivių šachmatų klubas wins U12 League

Moksleivių šachmatų klubas (Lithuania) came victorious on their first appearance in the top U12 League, played on March 24, 2021. And it was no surprise at all: for weeks we have been observing their successful climbing to the top ranks, starting from Group F, and in a series of promotions finally arrived on the top. Along the way, they were hard-pressed by Irish Juniors U12 team, which also made a series of promotions, together with Lithuanians, securing second place. Latvia Junior Chess and Oslo Sjakkrets Ungdom finished tied for third place.

Worldwide U12 Center A final standings:

1 Moksleivių šachmatų klubas – LITHUANIA
2 Irish Juniors – IRELAND
3 Latvia Junior Chess – LATVIA
4 Oslo Sjakkrets Ungdom – NORWAY
5 Chess_Profi – RUSSIA
6 Surbiton juniors – ENGLAND
7 Schachfreunde München – GERMANY
8 Strateg Stuttgart – GERMANY
9 СШ 2 Кстово – RUSSIA
10 Arriba PERÚ – PERU

Club Ferlonichess (Paraguay), Dragulf U12 (Norway), and Сборная Шахты (Russia) will complicate matters further, as winners of Center B, being promoted to the top group A for the next event. One more win could have brought UEC CORONEL PRINGLES into elite rank as well, but they will have to wait for one more edition before joining the top League.

Worldwide U12 League is continuing with the promotion/relegation Division system, with 10 teams per group, instead of making one large group with all teams playing together. This way, the excitement of promotion and finding the right place for each team is one of the best features of Worldwide League. Fresh new teams arriving in top group A provide exciting tournaments and even stronger competition.

Plenty of teams played in groups Center C, Center D, and Center E, and the best of them will be promoted. All in all, Division Center continues to be the most exciting ground, with European, Russian, and South American teams being brought together.

Excitement and new winners in all Divisions: In East A: After numerous consecutive and convincing victories, Sharp Kids Diamonds (Philippines) had to let the first place to Tavan Khan (Mongolia). The lack of several strong players meant that the competition is ready to step in and claim the title. Champions Chess Academy (India) placed third.

East B: Play Chess Academy, CMJ U12 Optimum Kids Team, and Veli Vrh U12 were best, and will be promoted to East A.

And Division West welcomed new winners: Circuito Nacional FENAMAC (Mexico, National team). Only two points behind were CIC Student Team (Canada). Tiburones AAVAC U-12 (Mexico) finished third.

733 players participated. The next U12 League is scheduled for April 7th, 2021.

Moksleivių šachmatų klubas winning lineup

29 players were involved in Lithuanian win: Gustas Morkūnas, Daniel Šer, Šarūnas Norkeliūnas, Milda Alejūnaitė, Giedrius Vaičiūnas, Jokūbas Dijokas, Ugnė Platbarzdytė, Laura Maurutytė, Rokas Šakinis, Rusnė Kavalnytė, Benediktas Šatkauskas, Augustė Ovčinikova, Simonas Šnipaitis, Pijus Grybkauskas, Rytis Kavalnis, Žanas Nainys, Tadas Minkauskas, Maksim Posaškov, Domas Platbarzdis, Noja Saukalaitė, Jokūbas Znutas, Majus Sinkevičius, Jokūbas Ravinis, Karina Šer, Marius Jacunskas, Dominykas Jablonskas, Juozas Sereika, Nikita Latyšev, Julius Stulginskis

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