U8: Kstovo victorious

СШ 2 Кстово (Sport School №2 Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) managed to squeeze another very close victory in Division Center A, that was held on March 31, 2021. Only one point behind was U08 Mouflon Chess Team from Cyprus. Third for Moksleivių šachmatų klubas (Lithuania), tied with Strateg Sttutgart U8 team.

U8 Center final standings:

1 СШ 2 Кстово Under 8 RUSSIA 67
2 U08 Mouflon Chess Team CYPRUS 66
3 Moksleivių šachmatų klubas LITHUANIA 62
5 “Бриллиант” (г.Кострома) RUSSIA 49
6 Начало Большого Пути RUSSIA 40 (-28)
7 Schachfreunde München GERMANY 24
8 Surbiton juniors ENGLAND 17
9 KSz “HETMAN” Katowice POLAND 4

Division East: Этюд (Etud, Ekaterinburg, Russia) scored another win. Chess Training Foundation (India) came second and SHARP KIDS DIAMONDS (Philippines) were third.

As was announced before, from April on, Worldwide U8 League will not be played as a stand-alone event, but as a subdivision of U12 League, reserved for dedicated U8 teams that can bring at least 5-6 players regularly. Smaller teams are advised to include and concentrate their efforts on the U12 competition.

Those players that do not have a team to play in, but wish to compete in Worldwide U8 League, will be able to join in Worldwide U8 Selection and play for that team.

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