Worldwide Shield Swiss

Worldwide Junior Chess introduces new competition for young champions. After very successful Worldwide U12 League and Worldwide Festival events, organizers decided to give more opportunities for children to play in Swiss tournaments. The new competition is Worldwide Shield Swiss and will be played on Wednesdays every two weeks. This way children can enjoy chess every Wednesday, once in Arena Team Battle, and other Wednesday in Swiss individual tournaments.

While Arenas are fun and exciting to play, Swiss tournaments are more serious and results are realistic, and it is the main form of competition in over-the-board chess and any respectable online chess event. Worldwide organizers will tend to provide both forms of competition for our young champions.

Tournaments will be held on Lichess. The system of play is Swiss Rapid, 6 rounds of 7+2 (7 minutes starting time, plus 2 seconds increment on each move). The expected duration of each tournament is about 2 hours. As with Worldwide League, Shield Swiss will have three different tournaments, beginning at 11:00, 16:00, and 22:00 UTC.

All participants must be members of the team Worldwide U12 Selection. Please write your full name and year of birth upon submitting the join request.

11:00 UTC East
16:00 UTC Center
22:00 UTC West

Winners of each tournament will be featured on our website and will carry the Worldwide Shield title for two weeks, until the new edition of the Shield competition. More info

  1. Identification:
    • Worldwide Rapid Swiss tournament
    • U12 (players born in 2009 and later)
  2. Planning:
    • Date/Schedule: April 14
    • Time control: Rapid 7’+2”
    • Hosting server: Lichess
  3. Invitation and Regulations:
    • Schedule: 11:00, 16:00, 22:00 UTC
    • System of play: Swiss, 6 rounds
    • Fair play rules: Online chess competition (6.1.1.)
    • Registration fee: Free for all
  4. Execution & Monitoring:
    • Arbiters: on occasion (anti-cheat comission)
    • Techical support: Lichess
  5. Awards:
    • Worldwide Shield title for two weeks
    • Certificates available on request

3 thoughts on “Worldwide Shield Swiss

  1. Hello, I want to add my team to the list of existing teams so that my students can participate


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