Repeated success of Chess Profi

May 5, 2021: Chess Profi (St. Petersburg, Russia) achieved their second win in the top U12 League. This time they had a close following by Oslo sjakkrets ungdom (Norway). Two teams tied for third place: Boca Junior (Denmark) and Сборная Шахты (Russia). And three teams tied for fifth. As usual, Center A always offers intense battles.

Worldwide U12 Center A final standings:

1 Chess Profi – 117
2 Oslo Sjakkrets Ungdom – 113
3 Boca Junior – 106
4 Сборная Шахты – 106
5 Latvia Junior Chess – 100
6 UEC Coronel Pringles – 100
7 Moksleivių šachmatų klubas – 100
8 Ученики И.Погорелова – 83

Chess Profi winning lineup: Roman Rachikhin, Fedor Antipov, İlyas Timushev, Yury Puchkov, Timur Erdanov, Artem Vegera, Uliana Dudkina, Arseniy Makarchik, Igor Kuznetsov, Dmitrii Vasilkin, Viacheslav Mikhalev, Tikhon Mishkorudnyi, Georgiy Smirnov, Vladislav Golota, Daniil Nikitin, Andrey Andronov, Daniel Balashov, Zlata Elonova, Denis Tyurin, Nailia Zaripova, Artem Vavilov, Elizaveta Sorvanova, Maksim Balgurin, Artem Kuryanov, Ekaterina Afanasyeva, Evgeniy Zhukov, Christian Balashov.

Three excellent teams will be promoted, or rather return, to top group A for the next event: Schachfreunde München (Germany), Surbiton juniors (England), and KSz “HETMAN” Katowice (Poland) were best in Center B.

Center C: Минский ветер (Ukraine), Nam~Thao chess (France), and CCSA U12 Team 2021 (Algiers) were best. Школа Шахмат “Подрастающее Поколение” won Center D.

Center U8 Moksleivių šachmatų klubas (Lithuania) is again on top, winning U8 League. Worldwide U8 Selection is an independent team, open to all players without their own team to play in, and is not a part of regular competition, so Lithuanians are declared winners. U8 Türkiye came second and СШ 2 Кстово Under 8 (Russia) third.

Division East: Tavan Khan (Mongolia) won the League, followed by ChessNut Academy (India) and Champions Chess Academy (India).

Division West: Another win for Arriba PERÚ. Second place for Ajedrez Armagedón (Peru). Third for The Knights of Chess (Canada).

A total of 828 players participated in this edition of U12/U8 League. Next League is scheduled for May 19.

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