U12 Blitz: milliseconds for Lithuanian win

May 26, 2021: Spectacular finish in 1st Worldwide U12 Blitz!! Tadas Minkauskas’ draw agreed in a fraction of a second before the tournament’s finish, brought two more points and a win for Moksleivių šachmatų klubas in Center Division.

Time was already showing 0:00 and last milliseconds of the tournament expiring, when two more points (Streaks on) were added to the score of the Lithuanian team, for one of the most exciting victories in Worldwide Junior tournament history.

Although on short notice, 1st Worldwide U12 Blitz Team Battle gathered 217 players in Center Division, while East and West contributed with additional 197 kids, for a very successful premiere of this event, for a total of 414 players. So we should probably arrange more Blitz events in the future 🙂

Worldwide Blitz was advertised as a more relaxed and faster time control tournament, with the aim to have fun. And kids had just that, pure fun. Still, winners should be recognized: Sharp Kids (Philippines) won in the East, Moksleivių šachmatų klubas (Lithuania) won Center, and Ajedrez Armagedón (Peru) were best in Division West.

More Blitz this week: Don’t miss 6th Worldwide Junior Blitz Arena (Friday, May 28) tournament for all kids, coaches and friends of Worldwide Junior Chess Leagues. Special guest FM Tautvydas Vedrickas who will be live commentating the event on his Twitch channel.

Tournament link

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