Kstovo opens U10 League with round 1 victory

СШ 2 Кстово (Sport School №2 Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) emerged victorious in the first round of Worldwide U10 League, a new tournament series introduced this month. In the Center division, second place went to Сборная Шахты (Shakhty, Russia) and third to Strateg Stuttgart (Germany).

Center Divison U10 and U12 teams will compete from September through December, 8 rounds in each age category, with a scoring system that will see the first fifteen teams in each round receiving points for the final standings (20-18-16-14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1) and compete for the overall win in the Worldwide Autumn League. If the tournament has more groups, the first 10 places are taken from A group, and the rest from the B group, until fifteen teams get points. Under 8 group will receive half the points.

Worldwide U10 League standings after Round 1:

1 СШ 2 Кстово – Russia 20
2 Сборная Шахты – Russia 18
4 Club Ferlonichess – Paraguay 14 (-6 points)
5 Latvia Junior Chess – Latvia 12
6 Chess_Profi – Russia 10
7 Ученики И.Погорелова 9
8 Arriba PERÚ – Peru 8
9 Moksleivių šachmatų klubas – Lithuania 7
10 Nam ~ Thao chess – France 6
11 ДША Kravchess ™ – Russsia 5
12 Weteach – Russia 4
13 Schachfreunde München – Germany 3
14 KSz “HETMAN” Katowice – Poland 2
15 ThinkB4UMove – Latvia 1

Division East: Alpha Chess Titans Team (Malaysia) won in the first U10 competition. SHARP KIDS DIAMONDS (Philippines) came second, and IMA (Malaysia) came third.

Division West: win for Arriba PERÚ, followed by Fox Valley Chess Club (USA) and The Knights of Chess (Canada).

The new tournament category caused some difficulties for players entering the tournament, but the result is still very nice: 264 children born in 2011 and later participated in this event. Round 2 is scheduled for September 29.

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