Shakhty wins U12, Kstovo best in U10

U12 players from Shakhty (Сборная Шахты) Russia have won the third round of Worldwide U12 League. Latvia Junior Chess (Latvia) and Chess_Profi (Russia) teams have once again arrived at the second and third place respectively. Three teams from Center B will be promoted to group A for the next round: СШ 2 Кстово, Colchester Junior … Continue reading Shakhty wins U12, Kstovo best in U10

U10 Round 2

According to the Lichess tournament results for U10 Center, Chess_Profi (Russia) came victorious in the second round of U10 League. Ученики И.Погорелова had to settle for the second place and KSz "HETMAN" Katowice achieved a very nice third place. Center Divison U10 and U12 teams will compete from September through December, 8 rounds in each … Continue reading U10 Round 2