Online Chess Club for Children

Veli Vrh is a Hybrid Chess Club that operates online on Lichess platform, and live in Croatia. Club is competing in the Worldwide Junior Chess league, and in various national and international tournaments. In April 2020, together with a couple of other chess clubs, Veli Vrh Chess Club was one of the founders of Worldwide Junior Chess.

The Club is situated in Pula, Croatia, and it is entirely devoted to children. Through its brief history, the club already had some notable successes in OTB Cadet championships, but the real performance began with moving on to playing online chess.

Children smiles are most important

Enthusiasm and children’s smiles are what powers Veli Vrh: young and in many ways a unique Chess Club, situated in Pula, Croatia. Togetherness and team spirit come first. Chess teaches us concentration and problem solving, and along the way, we have a great time. Travels and competitions create unforgettable memories.

We follow chess events at Veli Vrh, bring reports from the competition, enchant the euphoria of playing for School and Club, transfer the most motivational moments from our chess performances and show the projects we launched so that our children can have the best conditions for chess socializing and development of life competencies.

Join the club work, enroll your child in chess school, volunteer, donate, follow us… and become part of this chess story.

Founded in 2018.

Encouraged by the huge interest in playing chess at the Veli Vrh Elementary School in Pula, parents and teachers of children attending the School decided to establish a chess club. On Teacher’s Day, October 5, 2018, the Veli Vrh Chess Club was founded.

The main goals of founding the Club are: to promote chess and the benefits of playing chess, to provide children and young people with a place to socialize in a safe and stimulating environment, to develop sports values ​​and intergenerational solidarity through chess competitions. The area of ​​activity of the club was primarily the city of Pula and surrounding places. Cooperation with educational institutions (schools and kindergartens) through programs of extracurricular and extracurricular activities is a key part of the club’s work strategy. The club pays the most attention to the category of young chess players. With going online, more children can be reached, and boundaries of time and space are not an obstacle anymore. The whole World can be reached easily, and join us chess activities.

Club activities

  • Worldwide Junior Chess co-founders and organizers.
  • Cooperation with Veli Vrh Elementary School. The club provides technical support for the organization of the Veli Vrh Chess League and the work of the school Chess Group.
  • Simultanka na Vrhu: simultaneous game of chess masters who play against thirty students at the same time.
  • Chess train through Istria: chess train as a platform for connecting and exchanging experiences and socializing young people with chess.
  • Chess to life competencies: Playing chess in young people develops critical thinking, decision-making and solving more complex problems – competencies that will be required of employees of the future.
  • Chess competitions: The club participates in numerous children competitions.