Worldwide Junior U16

Worldwide Junior is a friendly tournament for clubs with kids under 16 years of age. Tournaments will be played on Saturday at 5 pm CET. Time control is 10 + 2 for 2 hours. There are no limits, each team can field as many players as they want, but only 10 best results count for the team score at the end. The tournament is devided into seven leagues for now. If you are a new team, you start at the bottom League (currently the G). Two teams each week get promoted. Organisational team on

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  • The most important thing is that the spirit of competition remains friendly.
  • The groups should be closed and the captains should know the kids playing, we should all be sure that there are only Under 16.
  • New accounts should not participate, especially those created on the day of the tournament but also not those created in the week preceding the competitions.

Next event: August 29th – Worldwide Junior (11th Edition)

Worldwide Junior U16 (10th edition) – July 25

Congratulations to Cuba Masters for the fifth consecutive victory!

This time there were those who fought with them to the end: Chess Club G-2 and Lipetsk Chess Club. Read more…

Diplomas Available!!

Contact us for all options.

1° Worldwide Junior Blitz lichess, Monday 22nd June 5pm to 6,30pm CET. Open to all kids and coaches!!